2017 Starts Next week


I'm signed up for Tri Boulder at Sprint distance next weekend. I've not raced it before, although the Sunrise and Sunset races from last year are pretty much the same course. I did 1:41/1:42 respectively for those.

I'm a lot less prepared that I'd like, but as optimistic as ever. I've not been able to swim since the end of May. Early May I slipped and grazed the skin off the front of the scar on my right leg. I covered it up, sprayed it with Nuskin but with the Chlorine in the pool etc. It didn't heal. Then I had a small amount of skin necrosis and it just didn't heal.

Given I have no health insurance and wasn't prepared to pay as much as $6,000 to get it treated, as qouted by one woundcare center. I've been following advice, dug out the dead cells, and have been alternating a couple of creams and covering it. It's been making good progress and I'll decide on Saturday if I'm going to do the full race, or skip the swim.

Otherwise, after Sierra to the Sea my bike should be OK, I have the opportunity to do a couple more rides before the race. After a slow start, my running is coming back into focus. After 90-mins on the bike yesterday I was able to do a 9:42 mile and a reasonable 31-minute 5k. It's a long way from where I'd like to be, but as I get older I'm getting used to this as the new norm'.

Which was the point of this post. The new Athlinks UI has an easy way to pull all your PR/PB's together, here are mine. Staggeringly I have 177 races in the athlinks results database.

 For the remainder of the year, I'm planning on racing the Sunset Tri at Olympic Distance, and then 5430 Harvest Moon at either Sprint or Half, and maybe Without Limits Oktoberfest Sprint. We are also entered in to the Denver 5k in September.

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ITU Mixed Relays this weekend!

As announced about a month ago, Mixed Relays will be an official event at the 2020 Summer Olympics. This weekend see's the annual ITU WTS Series Mixed Relays in Hamburg. Can the Americans repeat their first ever Relays win?

After learning about triathlon in the late 90's, one of the first live events I saw on UK broadcast TV was the British Club Relays on Channel 4. It was fast and furious. Teams of Men, Women, and mixed teams all competing the same race, at the same time. Unlike the ITU Mixed Relays, the British Triathlon relays were all 4-members swim, one at a time, the last swimmer tags the first cyclist, all four compete the bike and the last tags the first runner and so on until the last runner has crossed the line. This helps avoid drafting on the bike as it splits up the field more. The last relays I attended, I think 2005, we took 17 TEAMS OF 4 people from our club, Tri-Force.

The ITU Mixed Relay, and thus the Olympics, is completely different. A much smaller field just one team from each country; and each competitor completes a super-sprint triathlon before handing over to the next. The smallest mistake, or s ingle great performance can result in a team loss or win. The whole thing is typically over in less than 90-minutes. Most of the competitors will have also raced in the ITU WTS Individual Sprint Championship round the day before.

I for one will be watching online, Tour de France be dammed. Here is a good video summary of last years Mixed Relays in Hamburg.

It's great to see that One Step Beyond(OSB), organisers of the Britsh Club Relays, partnering with the British Triathlon Federation to organize the first British Triathlon Mixed Relay Cup in September. I had coffee with Lance Panigutti of local race organizers Without Limits, to see if there was any scope to organize a Colorado or Boulder area relays event, sadly Lance didn't think so. Shame. I'll keep looking.

Boulder Peak Transitions

I was back at old stomping grounds yesterday, with K8. We managed the mount and dismount lines. I'd never been at Boulder Peak Triathlon before, went away before I arrived in Colorado, it was part of 5430 Sports that was sold to Ironman/WTC. I have though spent many a happy, hot, and sometimes rainy day managing T1/T2 at UK races including Windsor Triathlon, The Commonwealth Games in 2002, and a number of ITU races. It's a great way to learn by seeing what works and doesn't work for other people.

Yesterday was no exception, with a good pro' field I was expecting some consummate demonstrations of how to do slick, fast, and smooth transitions. Overall, I wasn't disappointed, even by the age groupers. However, a number of the pro's still have somethingr to learn it seems.

We only had one dismount crash; four people, three women, completely overshot the dismount line, one actually trying to cycling into transition; plenty of people trying to mount too early, either slightly before the line, or right on top of the line. The latter is just selfish. Really, running an extra five to ten feet is going to make little or no difference to your time, but it's going to create a blockage for the other competitors.

The following are just a selection of the pictures I took while directing traffic out of transition, blowing a whistle and getting people to dismount, and occaisonally yelling, plus checking bikes and competitors out. Click here for captions and comments on the competitors mount/dismount style.

Overall winner Cam Dye making a fast exitbut then he takes an uncontrolled "hail mary" leapLook how upright and in control this isApparently shirts are STILL not required under USAT rules. Maybe I should go back to looking for a woman who will race topless and see how thats handled?no real control of the bike, behind him.Brian Fleischmann in total control with bands on his shoesany gain from the aero helmet likely lost by coming to a complete stop...Running holding by the bars does seem more common among the womenEven long time pro, ITU and Olympics racer still holds the barsand another...one of the many great dismountsSweet dismount, not much time to adjust before making a turn into T2That didn't quite workoutYes, I blew my whistle and the screamed, GET OFF YOUR BIKE!!!

Ironman Creates Inconvenience - No shit Sherlock.

If you organize races, you have to be prepared for complaints. I can remember 10-12 years ao an older "gentleman" trying to park his car across the run course because he objected to being made to take a left turn, rather than a right turn out of his street.

The era of social media has just given people another place to rant about races. I was in just the right mood this morning to respond to this review of 1* for Ironman Boulder yesterday. You can read the whole thread here, but this was my final reply.

Rebekka, I do take your comments seriously, but I am NOT nor have I ever been an employee of Ironman. I have been a race organiser, and helped organise an Ironman races as far back as 2001.

Yesterday I was one of the volunteer captains, I gave 13-hours of my time for free, to make sure the event went as smoothly as possible. I too have a family, my partner owns a local small business, and she also volunteered and we had our 8-year daughter away for the day.

If you feel strong enough to engage in a debate/argument with random strangers on facebook about the inconvenience of this event, and make generalisations about the race and it's competitors, when we have no idea if either Sean or Kathryn competed in, I would suggest you have time to register a complaint with Boulder City Council and the Police dept. Please do.

It will be much more effective that arguing on social media. If you feel really strongly with the race being downtown, I suggested that you get together a group of like minded citizens and lobby the city to reject the route for future races.

As to you questioning the veracity of my claims about the charitable achievements of this race, by asking for links. Here are two for you.

Ironman Foundation gave $70,000 in 2016 http://ironmanfoundation.org/boulder2016/

Ironman Foundation gave $121,000 in 2015.

So be prepared to find that there are many local organizations, that will take an opposite view to yours, believing that a single sundays inconvenience is worth the price.

This years amount will rise significantly as there is a 2nd event in August, which comes nowhere near downtown and will again be hosted out at Boulder Reservoir. I suggest if you were making plans to take your daughter to the reservoir/beach on August 5th, you make alternative plans now.

Have a nice day. I won't be responding here again. Thank you for the opportunity to respond on behalf of all the participants, schools, charities who did NOT take part in the race, but benefit from the event.
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Athlinks updates UI and Search

Athlinks have released a major update to their UI and event/results search capability. My results page is here, search and claim your results, add me, and I'll add you back.

Perhap the most useful thing they've added is race planning via the events page. There seem to be more races and events there now. Which is a tiely reminder for me. Looking at my results for the last few years on athlinks just confirms my racing has gone off a cliff.

Races completed - 2014(18), 2015(8), 2016(4) and so far in 2017 I'm looking at only 3-races.

This is a reasonably repeating pattern when you move. Life takes over, racing takes a back seat. Kate and I are heading to Sierra to the Sea again this year. It's a tougher than usual cycling tour, including a 91-mile first day with 5000ft+ climbing. Once I get back from that, it's time to get serious with training again.

Congrats again to Athlinks, if you are not using it, you should, sign-up here.
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VIP Volunteers for Boulder Ironman

UPDATED: Change in shift slots available, add Volunteer t-shirt and Volunteer appreciation party on Manday 12th.

All volunteers are VIPs in my opinion, but some are actually VIP Volunteers. It's that time of year again, and I am again the VIP Captain for Ironman Boulder. Given this year is IMB is a Pro race there will, I'm sure be additional reasons why you should come help me provide first class service to the race VIP's.

Sign-up is open and slots are already going, shift-3 is already full. The VIP gig is always fun, although the shifts are long. If you volunteer race day you'll either be out at the reservoir right by the swim exit, or later in the day, in the VIP tent right at the finish line.

The job comes with a number of perks, not least the volunteer freebies that everyone gets when they volunteer for Ironman, a t-shirt and entrance plus food at the Volunteer Party on Monday 12th.

You get to register, meet and greet the VIPs and their families, and for the most part you'll be working or sitting inside a tent. That's great if it's either blazing hot, or pouring with rain on race day. Plus, you get to hang out with me.

Sign-up using this link, once on the landing page, search for VIP.

We need at least one more person for the first shift and two people for the second shift at the finish line on 13th Street Boulder, on June 11th. If you are interested, you can also sign-up for Ironman Boulder 70.3 VIP shifts as well.
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Another new race series, TriStars reformed!

This is pretty big news, not because they've signed up Fabian Cancellara, but Georg Hochegger. Georg is an IRONMAN Hall of Fame recipient.  He was the original IRONMAN Klagenfurt organizer until he sold out in 2009. After that he was one of the founders of the Tristar series. They are restarting the series with ‘new partners, a new concept, in Rorschach, where Switzerland, Germany and Austria meet, the weekend of 2-3 September 2017.

The races will be over the 55.5 and 111 km distance ITU recognized distances.

Add Tristars to Super League Series as well as the Collins Cup and things are diving up nicely along geographic boundaries. Sadly this ignores, at least currently, all the new and emerging opportunities. Maybe the Tristar races will break the mould?
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