triman (triman) wrote,

S2S Day-1 Warmup anyone?

I had a lay-in and then decided to repack from the chaos of Yesterday.

I'd arranged to meet filleardente originally for lunch, but we decided to ride instead. She had a friends bike I could use rather than build-up mine and then repack for the tour.

after a minor problem at the start, the bike had Look Keogh pedals, my regular Look cleats wouldn't clip-in, and my wrench was useless to remove them as Keogh pedals allenkey only and neither of us had one big enough.

we biked about 3-miles over to Bici bikes, where the guy swapped the pedals over. he had a great collection of bike jerseys. The shop was opposite the old IBM San Jose plant. I worked there a few times in the late 90's. It has completely gone now, demolished to make way for another upscale shopping center and homes, just what the San Jose needs.

After that we did a social 29 mile ride almost completely flat. filleardente had a 90-mile ride Saturday and a busy evening so we didn't want to push it.

After that is was Sushi for dinner and Bev dropped me back at the hotel for ride registration. Good to see Miguel again, and looking at the route map and talking to the ride coordinator it looks like its going to be a rollercoaster for the first few days.

stats for the day:
Ride: 28.65 miles
Speed: 14.56MPH

[Posted from my Palm Treo while "on the road"]
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