triman (triman) wrote,

S2S Day 0 Not such a good start

It was an early'ish start to the day, the bikes and luggage had to be
loaded by 8am and we were leaving by 8.30.

120 cyclists plus all their gear and tents is a lot of stuff! Grabbed a
last Decaf Americano and Muffin from Starbucks and walked briskly back to
the bus so I didn't miss it. We left at 8.47am

So now I'm sitting in the shade next to the Blockbuster in somewhere
apparently called Angel Camp. Our coach broke down. They've decided to
drive the other coach the remaining sixty miles and bring it back would be
quicker than bringing another coach up the 3-hours it took to get this far.

Looks like a good job I bought the books, 2-hours at Frog Jump Plaza.


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