S2S Day 0 That's a wrap

Finally arrived a little after 4pm, had just under 2-hours to pitch tent, assemble bike before dinner.

Tent went up no problem, just under 10-mins. Bike was more problematical. I just couldn't spread the back brakes to mount the rear wheel.

Turns out the cable had rusted solid during transit. D'oh, so much for the $60 Jack and Adams service. Phil "wrench boy" was on hand to replace the cable though.

Dinner was a packed affair but some pretty good lemonade, after that it was up to Daves chalet with Peggggy, George, Donnnnny et al for a couple of beers and back to the tent.

There's a saying I think that goes something like "in space no one can here you fart" - well if the guy in the tent behind me does it one more time I'm going to remind him that although we are way up a Mountain, its not space and that's disgusting...

nite John Boy....

[Posted from my Palm Treo while "on the road"]
its only disgusting cause its not you doing it. Then it would be, "wow that was a good one"

this whole ride sounds very ambitious. I'll be interested to see how this turns out.
"This is not space & that is disgusting." Talk about a non-sequitur! *laughter*

Sure am glad your bike's got the green light. Now.. go fast! *waves*