S2S Day 1 Cycling extrimismo

Well today was a day of extremes, When I woke up this morning at 5.45am it
was freezing, literally. There was a thin patch of ice on the tent in a
couple of places and my head was REALLY cold.

I went over to the base camp and washed, shaved and went down for
breakfast. My group was ready to leave before I was, so it was a last
minute rush but everthing went back in.

It had already started to warm up by the time we left up at 7100ft, but
Michael had a puncture(see picture) in the first half mile, so that put the
three of us behind. We made up good time in the first 8-miles and caught
up, the rest of the group had stopped by a whale rock(see picture).. Late
in the morning we stopped on a bridge and took a quick dip in a river(see

After that it was some 70-miles of very fast and long downhills, or very
slow and hard uphills. Before rest stop 2 I hung back and waited for "Roc n
Ray" who'd cycled 3-days and and way over 100-miles to get to the start of
ride. Donny did most of todays ride with a buckled back wheel, stopping to
true it when needed.

There were three great rest stops, one with a pool we made great use of.

There is not doubt that when I look at the averages, today I will have done
my fastest ever 10-miles avg, possibly in excess of 27M%H. And possibly the
slowest, less than 10MPH. It was also boioing hot in the mid-90's.

Still strong though on the final 850ft climb out of Jackson to tonights
base camp. It was great to get here, they had a 33.5ft pool.

Stats for the day:
Cals: 5028
Ride Time: 4:30:13
Distance: 72.8-miles
AVG Speed: 16.16mph
MAX Speed: 46.2mph
Elavation: 5286ft gain
AVG HR: 119bpm
Max HR: 169bpm(can't wait to see where this was!)