S2S2 Day 2 Go hard, fall off, Go hard, blow-up

Yesterdays ride took nearly 8-hours elapsed to cover the 72-miles, todays
was done in just 4:15 elapsed for 74-miles. I had expected Wednesday to be
the hard ride, with the flatlands out of Ryde, not so..

We were pretty much the last to leave as quite a few of the staff were in
our group. Less than 5-miles out of base camp we pulled into the village of
Sutter Creek. The group I was with wanted to stop for coffee, I was all coffe'd out. Miguel said that he and Jim were going to try to catch one of the earlier groups.

We pushed ahead and I did ok, not too slow on the ups, and definately the
fastest on the downs. For a while we had some great downhills looking out
of pretty much unoccupied California. The first rest stop at 27-miles
seemed to be optional for Mig and Jim but I needed to refill, I came in
with my feet already out of my shoes, and less than 4-minutes later I was
doing a running mount of the parking lot.

We pushed on for another 20-miles or so with Miguel doing most of the work,
we were now in the flatlands of wine country and averaging 22MPH, but I was
starting to tire. I told them not to wait and eventually the disappeared
off the horizon on the long straight roads surrounded by grapevines.

A couple of miles on I nearly missed the left into Dustin Rd. And while
trying to make it when slightly into the gravel and boompf. Off laying in
the dust and the side of the road.

Fortunately I was only doing 5MPH or so, no damage done. I took it steady
the remaining 3-miles to the Woodbridge winery where rest stop#2.(see

When I got there Miguel and the others were still there, we'd taken at
least 30-mins out of the early group. They were ready to leave within about
5-mins of me arriving, it was pointless to go out with them as I wouldn't
be able to keep-up.

I left with the PA crew and sat in with them for 6-miles or so, but my bike
computer wasn't working and I struggled to keep an even 18MPH speed when it
was my turn to lead, After a couple of miles on Ray Rd we took a banking
corner and I could see nothing but flat straight road ahead, I moved to the
left and down on the tri bars, I put in 21MPH for 7-miles into Walnut Grove

I was starting to tire again, struggling to keep to the 18MPH, a glance
back and nothing. A couple miles down J-11 and less than 5-miles from the
end I blew. No energy at all, spent. My stomach was cramping and the 93
degree heat had taken its toll. I looked back and assumed it was the PA
crew coming, moved to the left to let them pass and was surprised to see it
was Miguel and the lead crew,

They'd apparently stopped just long enough to buy lunch to take to base
camp. I tried to hang with them but was done. After turning onto HWY 160
for the last 3-miles I just just going through the motions, head down all
the way to the Ryde Hotel(see picture).

So far has been a great test of my hydration/fluids plan. 2x750ml Ultima
Relenisher and 1x water at least every 30-miles. So far no sign of cramps.
For day-3 I need to remember to take a gel for the last 10-miles like I did

NEXT UP RYDE to SOLANO 59.7 miles.



Oh no! I'm not sure you're getting enough sodium or calories. Especially on consecutive days of long rides & high temperatures. You may be starting the day already at a deficit.

Ultima only has 37.5 mg of sodium per serving & no calories. It serves me well on shorter days but for long days it's just not enough. My new plan of Thermalytes coupled with Carbo Pro is working really well. That's 300 mg sodium per hour minimum & 230 cal carbohydrates.

I hope tomorrow is a better day!!
I'm doing fine, today was a great ride I just blew it in the 5-miles or so.

I do fine on the carbs, just solids though. i'm pretty sure the stomach cramps were from the trail mix and hands full of almond m&m's I scoffed down at the 2nd rest stop on top of a PB&J sandwhich.

I' glad your new "fuel" is working for you, remember mine was worked out after 2-sessions in a heat tank and blood tests etc. apart from my Lance Armstrong ride for the Roses(2005) I've never followed it to the letter.

Tomorrow should be an easy day now, with at least one swim stop in a lake scheduled. Thanks for the support and advice though!