S2S Day 4 Team Colours, Touring and Dave Scotts Cardiac Hill

Today was team colours day. We all wore the same tour tops and black

It was another early start aided but what seemed to be dozens of
peacocks(see picture-1). We rode about a mile and stared to form in a
group, Phil lead off and I followed along making my first mistake of the
day by getting on the tri bars, I knew better but was tired. Peggy dropped
back and the group split.

A couple of minutes later and Route Director Randall came by on his
recumbant with windshield at about 24mph followed by Fast Freddie Markham
and a pace line formed behind them, my legs wouldn't do it and I was off
the back and before long completely out of touch.

When I got to the bottom of Dave Scotts Cardiac Hill the team were waiting,
we reformed and set off up the hill, within a few minutes it was just me
and Roc n Ray off the back. We reformed again at the county line, and took
on the 2nd part of the hill, same situation again.

Finally the hill was done, it was an omen of for things to come, I couldn't
get my heart rate over 136. Assume Dave Scott was a lot fitter when he did
it on those days when he lived in Davis.

On the fast, long descent my 2nd mistake played out, up at the top of the
hill I'd cleaned the rudy lenses, only I hadn't put one lense back in
properly, at 48mph it popped out, in an effort to catch it I lost the
glasses... I pulled up and tried to turn, but had the gearing all wrong,
nothing for it but to fall against the rock wall. I unclipped and ran back
up the hill found the glasses and lense reassembled and set back off.

I didn't catch the team until rest stop 1 at the Turtle Rock convinience
store on Lake Berryessa(see picture-2). The Team were planning to go
swimming after the rest stop, I was cold, still struggling to get my HR
going and decided to set off after Celia.

I'd talked to Celia and Shelly a few times during the tour. Shelly had
pulled out because of a knee problem, or was it just puppy love? Celia was
going to finish the ride alone, so I figured might be good company for me
as I became a bike tourist for the first time this trip!

Celia and I talked while we cycled, when we got to the legendary Ink Hill
she set off up it and I rolled on down the road to the California
Historical landmark of Hubcap Farm(see picture-3).

I turned back and cycled to 1/2 mile or so back to Ink grade and started
up. This is where the HR issue came back with a bang. I was clearly too
tired, my HR was in the low 120's and my legs didn't have the energy to go
any faster thus I couldn't get my HR much higher. I sat back in my lowest
gear and just grinded away passing people from time to time, Ink Grade was
a 1750ft climb so it it took time.

One of the people I passed was the bike pusher. He'd done exactly the same
course, exactly the same distance but on what most of us would call a
scooter.(see picture-4). Very Impressive.

In fact there were all sorts of bikes in use, 3 recumbants, 3 tandems, a
couple of mountain bikes one with nobbly tires, some genuine tour bikes
with paniers, lots of top end bikes and lots of regular bikes. At least
five bikes with tri bars and as far as I could count, at least seven people
training for or had competed in triathlons this year.

At the rest stop at the top of Ink Grade I met up with Celia and Ron and
others and we rode together to the end. The road into Calistoga was lined
with Vineyards(see picture-5) and we biked through town and past base camp
to go see Old Faithful Geyser(see picture-6).

After we got back from Old Faithful, I put on my running shoes and went for
my first run of the trip, actually I felt pretty good both during and after
the run. According to my Garmin I did 3.43-miles in 23-minutes which is way
too quick, I'll see how it comes out when I upload to Sportstrack.

Since Calistoga was the first real town we'd stayed in, it was laundry
time, after the normal routine(tent, matress, shower etc.). Celia and I
walked in together with Rons stuff. We tried to find somewhere for a
manicure but failed, all mostly upmarket spa's.

Eventually all done it was time for dinner, we went to the Mexican(see
picture-7). So today was a touring day, you can tell by the number of
pictures :-)

Stats for the day:
Ride Time: 4:56:03
Distance: 63.10
Cals: 7136
Max speed: 48.5
AVG speed: 12.79
Max HR: 148
Avg HR: 103
Elavation gain: 4250ft

NEXT UP Calistoga to Duncan Mills - approx. 60-miles.