S2S Extra - Routine


One of the important things I hadn't realised about Sierra to the Sea is

Each day was a race, get up and get to the bathroom as quick as possible to
get washed and shaved, there were never enough sinks etc.

Then it was start packing the tent, sleeping bag etc. Interrupted by
breakfast as soon as it was ready and then finish packing, I was always
late & often last. Most of the group had been many times before and had
less stuff and easier to pack.

Then there was the opposite end of the day, come in from the bike, find
space for tent, find stuff, erect tent, inflate matress, shower, wash
clothes, and then dinner...

See the attached picture, this guy had it right. He didn't have a tent and
slept this way every night. Way cool, possibly freezing...


It makes sense
and really, I'd probably bring a kickstand for my bike and use it along with the tarp to make a lean to most nights and skip the tent.