triman (triman) wrote,

S2S Day 7 - It's Just a perfect day(nearly)

"Oh its such a perfect day,
Im glad I spent it with you.
Oh such a perfect day,
You just keep me hanging on,
You just keep me hanging on."

Packed up for the last time and left camp at Olema after breakfast, it should have been a straight and easy run into SF.

Today I really wasn't bothered about stops, many, few, either way today I was good. We skipped the ride up to the Mount Tam summit(I think I was so numb I wouldn't have noticed ;-) )

As far as I can remember our first stop was San Anselmo at a cool coffee shop. The city was mega cycle friendly with loads of drivers stopping to let us through and loads of bike shops, not to mention other cyclists.

We soon went off road and rode on a bike path, sadly I heard the
distinctive "ting" of one of the Rolf Vector Pro wheel spokes snapping...
This ws the one thing I'd dreaded. You just can't get replacement spokes
easily, I bought extra spokes with me but they were in my kit bag which
would be at the end of the ride. I couldn't SAG/DNF now...

Fortunately less than 1/2 a mile up the bike path in Sausalito was
apparently a bike shop. I limped up there with the back wheel wobbling but
holding. In Mikes bikes the mechanic looked at the wheel and wandered to
the back of the shop, came back and measured up some spokes and said it
would be done in about 30-minutes.

Photo_062307_002.jpgI couldn't have been more pleased, especially when we rounded the corner and the Golden Gate Bridge came into view for the first time. (see picture-1)

We rode up the bike path, onto and over the bridge. IT was windy as heck as usual, and the impatient "local" cyclists tried to force their way through, where they were trying to go so fast was beyond me.

Photo_062307_003.jpgOver the bridge and before I knew it we were in the park and the end of the ride. The picnic at the end(see picture-2) was as well organised and the rest of the tour. The best thing about the tour was it was as efficient as it could have been without getting in the way. Thanks to everyone at the ALMADEN CYCLING AND TOURING CLUB who helped organise and helped out on Sierra to the Sea 2007.

I spoke to Kris, she had arrived at SFO and was being messed around by Hertz. I got the bike packed up while waiting. Unfortunately the buses had just left by the time she had arrived. We loaded my stuff up in the car and headed downtown for a long w/e.

The park wasn't the end for some of my ride buddies. At least a few were cycling the extra 63-miles back to San Jose...

Photo_062407_001.jpgI dropped the luggage and Kris off at the hotel and drove down to the downtown Hertz lot and dropped the car off. What I did next was possibly
the dumbest thing I'd done all week was to to run up the very steep six blocks up Mason St back to the hotel on Nob Hill. When I woke up in the morning I had "blueish" strain marks on both ankles and my calves and thighs were REALLY tight.

It would have been ok, except after Sunday brunch buffet at the Cliff House, we walked down to the beach and then walked almost the entire length of the Golden Gate park. Very nice but ouchhh...

Nice w/e in SF(see picture-3), off to Sonoma and Napa for a few days R&R.

Stats for the day:
Ride Time: 2:59:32
Distance: 36.73
Cals: 4019
Max speed: 42.6
AVG speed: 12.3
Max HR: 137
Avg HR: 84
Elavation gain: 1600ft

July 4th or 7th to try my speed!
Tags: s2s
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