Dumb or Dumber ?

Arrived back in Austin a bit late despite the weathers best efforts to delay Kris and I in Dallas. We had to stay in the Gaylord Texan hotel for a few hours.

When I got home my lawn was a mess, such a mess than rather that rebuild my bike, I decided to do something I've been putting off doing since I moved in, I bought a trimmer/edger, and very nice it is to..

So my lawn looks great now, and its all my own work, shame then about the back of my left ankle. Dumb that I am that when I first started edging, I was in shorts, old trainers and nothing else.

When I felt the first spray of grass cuttings from the edger, I went and retrieved a very 1980's style wrap around glasses to protect my eyes. Alas when I was doing the brick work around the tree, I nearly caught the electrical cable in the edger, I swung it quickly and with my free hand managed to pull the cable out of the way.

Sadly, I managed to catch the back of my left ankle with the edger. Nothing serious, but it looks gruesome, very red, lots of skin removed... sigh. Won't be doing much swimming this week, should be able to run and bike though.

Took me nearly 3-hours to edge, cut the lawn and clean-up, remind me why I don't pay someone to do this?

Dumb or Dumber?
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Hope you're okay!
Don't try to rationalize the homeowner thing-it's futile. The last two times I cut/trimmed/edged/swept clippings were after Danskin and the Subaru Urban Assault Race. Given the trend, I'll probably do it again after we finish Couples. Assuming your ankle heals up so we CAN do Couples.

Take care of yourself.
Re: Hope you're okay!
Oh yeah, I'll be fine by then. I assume I'll be ok to swim in a Chlorinated pool by the week with it sprayed with plastic skin....

I see there is a RunFar 8m bike time trial Tuesday evening, If I can get organized by then I'm going to give it a shot and see how my bike speed is on my race bike!