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Weight issues

I've often been slightly amused by older male cyclists. You see them at most clubs, guys in their reclining years who are great cyclists and can spin with the best, but they have BIG bellies.

Well after Sierra to the Sea I think I know why, too much time at rest stops on century rides. I'm fighting the feeling now, my body is craving snack food, anything, just shove it in a swallow as quick as possible for fear of failing.

I weighed myself this morning, I'm 210.5lbs. Thats the heaviest I've been in probably 5-years, and it should come as more reassurance to anetmarie - given my inability to swim due to my own stupidity, and now the weight, I don't think I'll be on top form come the Austin Couples Triathlon when we are team LJ Friends.

Still at least now I understand the big bellied cyclists, its all about getting your legs into the best condition they can be, burning every conceivable ounce of fat in them and eating way to much junk food and carbs at rest stops becuase you are afraid you'll "bonk" before the end. You might be burning 5000kcals per day, but eating 4000kcals at rest stops doesn't help. It just gets stored as belly fat.

Given my complete inability to self regulate I'm busy eating anything remotely unheathy in the fridge and the cuboards before trying to restart with a more disciplined approach. This of course means its going to get worse before it gets better!

UPDATE: I checkED my Sportstrack software while uploading Garmin Data from S2S, it's bad but no as bad as I thought, I was 210.5lbs after the Christmas vacation/holiday. Still, no reason for complacency, if I want a short at an age group place at the 101 Finale in November, I need to be at least 10lbs lighter.
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