Garmin 305 disappointment

So I loaded up all the Garmin data for Sierra to the Sea. To make sure I captured it all I made sure I had the most economical data setting on the watch before I left. Found  a "nifty" little device that accepts 4x AA batteries and has a USB slot that allows to to charge any USB pullagble device from it. Cool, my Treo, Garmin and Sony Camera all charged fine off it, but not using cheap batteries.

So imagine my disappointment when I loaded up the data only to find that actually it only kept the data for the last four days of the tour. The stats are there for the first three days, but the detailed data has been overwritten. Good job I was psoting elevation averages/max etc. here daily on Livejournal otherwise that data would be lost too!

I'm seriously disappointed. Drop that on top of the fact it looks like Garmin made a major design boo-boo when the bought out the first version of the Garmin 305, brass or copper connectors for the docking cradle that corrode when they come in contact with sweat. And  I can't possibly recommend this device until a newer one comes out.

Yes, I've had it for 18-months now, its out of warranty but I still think those of us that have lost time due to corrosion should consider a class action lawsuit . Yes, there are loads of ways around the fact you can't swim in it for triathlon, but again they mask a basic design flaw. Sure the satellites might not show up, but heck it ought to work as a stop watch for at least the swim section.
The only people who benefit from class action lawsuits are the lawyers. Seriously.
boo hoo
I've got the little brother - the 301. It has its drawbacks as well, but I didn't see enough reasons to upgrade to 305 to warrant the high price tag. You're the second tri-friend who has a 305 who is disappointed with it. Guess I'll keep using my 2yr old 301 (which does at least still function) till it finally rolls over and dies.