End of an Ear music dates

For an easy hour with some innovative sounds for free, I love going up to end of an ear on South 1st, browsing through the CD's and vinyl albums, reading the latest Chronicle and just having a relaxed time while a new band plays through a few of their key numbers in store before what ever the rest of Saturday evening brings.

Next up at end of an ear are:
July 14th Saturday @ 6pm - Virgin of the Birds CD ep release
July 21st Saturday @ 3pm - Get Him Eat Him (Providence)

Having had a quick listen via their myspace pages, Get Him Eat him are more my 'taste', but Austinites might like Virgin of the Birds more. Either way, why not come down, BYOD, entry free. I have no financial or other affiliation with End of an Ear, its just my local music shop and the have some cool bands come through.

To find End of an Ear:
2209 South First Street
Austin TX 78704
(512) 462-6008
email: info@endofanear.com
Mon - Sat: 11am to 9pm
Sun: noon to 8pm
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Well I guess, but I meant bring your own drinks. If you don't theres a store down the street that sells most(drinks!).