Running again, starting over

Well I finally got out for a run today, my first real run since June 8th. I decided upfront to only do the 4-mile loop and work on running dynamics, heal lift, kick etc. rather than go for speed. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I felt OK most of the way around, but coming back up South 1st was a struggle.

My edger injury was fine, its not pretty to look at, since a couple of people asked. here is a picture, don't click if you are easily upset by cuts etc. Yes the yellow is bruising and yes its healing well. Should be ok for a swim by Tuesday if I keep it clean and dry.

Net, Net for the run, 4.06 miles in 38:24. Slower than late December when I started back running for this year. Oh well.

NEXT UP: 86-mile bike out to New Braunfels on Sunday to watch the start and first finishers in the Rogue Womens Tri. Will run afterwards.
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Woodlands 101 - From Bigun
That's awesome that you commented on my Blog! I used Athlinks to get my prior race information, and I think that was the latest info I had - did you also do an IM in 2002? Anyway - recover well, and look forward to seeing you in Woodlands - follow along and give Myles some guff too!