101 Mile to Glory

Well things have started hotting up for the Triathlon One O One series finale already. After the cancellation of the Novia Scotia race, Marc Taylor in his blog, clydesdaleshavebigbikes has self described himself tongue in cheek, as the current 40+ Clydesdale World Record holder and listed his competition, of which I'm one of about 12 so far in Clydesdale Category 2.

A quick comparison on Athlinks - sees that Marc and I raced each other over the same courses last year and this year twice, although not in the same categories so they are not 100% direct comparisons. Athlinks rivals feature shows I beat Marc twice last year, by 24-minutes over Olympic distance at St Anthonys, and 4-minutes over sprint and Fort De Soto. Marc beat me twice this year, by 19-seconds at Sprint at Maderiera Beach(when I had my 3rd string bike) and 3.5-mins at St Anothonys(again I had my 3rd string bike) and Marcs winning time was still slower than mine from last year.

So, it looks like I'm off my game and Marc is improving rapidly! Of course over the 3/4 IM distance Triathlon 101 format he's bound to beat me for my running, but not one to refuse a challenge, I'm going to give it my best shot! Time to get in touch with Jamie Cleveland for some coaching.

Then yesterday Brian Pilgrim, the clydeologist, posted to my livejournal and looking at his results he has a great list of PR's including a 14:27 IM Distance and a 5:55 HIM/70.3 distance, both of which beat mine. Brian could use some time to tidy-up and claim all his results on Athlinks though, tsk tsk. ;-)

What I've learned from looking at both sets of results from these guys is that on my day I can beat them in the swim, transitions and the bike, so that means a long hard summer to try and get to the point that I can at least jog the 18-mile run. Let the games begin ;-)

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kick their ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want you to be clydesdale world champion!
world record
I don't want to mislead you - I'm the Clyde 3 - or the over 225lbs - World Record Holder. Your division, the Clyde 2's - is way more competitive with a lip-smacking awesome time of 8:02 or something like that - Bryan (Myles) is in your weight class of the Clyde 2's - but we'll all be there racing togeather ast Clydes - right? I was 245lbs at St. Anthony's - want to get down to 230lbs - that would be fighting weight!
Re: world record
Hey yep, all Clydes! I wasn't mislead I was just assuming that between now and November you might make it down to sub 225lbs. Besides, all this discussion irritates the regular age groupers.

If Brian can do 8:02, then I for one have no hope, maybe I should bulk up and come race in Clyde 3!!

Its all fun though however seriously we might take the posts and race day! If nothing else your post has made me focus, which I should have been doing... but hadn't even started... GOOD LUCK with the weight, you've already done a great job and have some great results!
101 woodlands
Just so you know Mark - Bigun (aka Marc Taylor)LOVES a challenge!! LOL, love your report!! That should put a fire under his rear!!

Di - aka Mrs Bigun
Re: 101 woodlands
Well I talk a good talk, but thats about it. If he can't beat me he has some problems! I'll be out to beat him on the swim, transitions and bike, but it shouldn't be close overall, or will it??