Monthly summary for June 2007

More than a bit late, since I was looking at SportsTracks during a really boring conference call earlier today, here are the stats:

Cycling: 667 Miles, over 17000 ft of climbing
Running: 28 Miles(yes for the whole month)
Swimming: (an even more embarrassing) 2.52 miles

I can hardly call myself a triathlete based on last months effort. Sigh. So my expectations are not high for performance this w/e, but are up for the fun aspect, perhaps I should do the race in costume. Time to run...

Yearly effort:
Cycling: 1394 Miles, 85:20:51 Hrs
Running: 143.07 Miles,  22:10:08 Hrs
Swimming: 20.99 Miles(whoops!) 8:35:41 Hrs

Hmm, no wonder my swimming is off course...