Record Number Ran in 2002 Marthons

Its an interesting observation to get press releases direct, especially when they contain errors like this one. Its about the 2002 US Marathon participation, yet in the title they incorrectly type marthons instead of marathons. Zoom forward four days and go see how many "news" organisations just took the exact press release and published it... Makes you laugh even supposedly some of the worlds big guns such as ABC News and the LA Times..

CNN though actually added some value, changed the headline and reported here: CNN News report

At least now you can be sure why getting in an Ironman race is getting so hard in the US, when half a million people race Olympic distance in a single year you've got to do something else to
differentiate yourself.

Those up for a laugh at the press expense can see from this link how many just reported the same old story!
Google News Search for Marthon reports.