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Couples triathlon - Team LJ Friend

Well unlike my triathlons earlier in the year I went into the Couples Triathlon with fairly low expectations, pretty much to have fun and a run out to get back into triathlon after the big bike tour. anetmarie  had posted back in the May timeframe that she was doing this event and was looking for a partner, it seemed to fit into my schedule so I offered.

After last weeks horrendous training ride, the fact that I hadn't really swum since June 7th and also that my running was off, mostly because again I'd only done 12-miles in the last 4-weeks but also due to my increased weight, up 6lbs, I figured a time of 1:30 would be just fine.

I was so busy watching the first "couple" out of the water, local pro's Andrea Fisher and Jamie Cleveland I almost missed my wave start. Fortunately they were taking chip times into the water so it didn't matter. I decided up front to try take the whole race easy and hang on through the run. I didn't really get into my swim until after the first bouy, and despite the breaststrokers(did I say how much I hate them in open water swims?) I made to to the end without too much hassle. Swim time a slow 18:57 which means I have much to do.

The run to T1 is reasonably long at the park, but with no wetsuit to take off was relatively easy. T1 went pretty smoothly, and the picture above is me just about to do a running mount, again, no problems, T1 in 2:10

I'd planned to do the bike easy, after getting my feet into the shoes though this soon went to the wall. I was passed just finishing doing up my shoe by Matt Kessing, #181 - I decided to repass him quickly and given the rolling nature of the course, Matt pass me on most uphills, only for me to repass him on the downhill or on the flats. As we got to the last downhill followed by a right turn in the long run back to the entrance I passed him again and left him behind me. Bike time of 33:06 giving an average of 20.3mph which I'll take ;-)

T2 went perfectly and in a quick 57-seconds and I was doing ok until the hill on the way back in, here my lack of run fitness let me down and I walked for maybe 50-seconds or so coming up the hill. I guess it cost me a bit of time, my run time of 30:53 it at least 3-mins off what I should have done.

On the way down the hill on the back part of the run course I heard a call of "go partner" and looked up to see anetmarie  after getting my breath back and calming down I walked the run course in reverse hoping to be able to to encourage her home. After about 15-mins in the sun and 90-degree heat though I really wanted to go get change and cool off. Sorry I missed you!!

Team LJ finished 14th out of 19 in the mixed friends 80+ category, in a time of 3:24:08, the winners were Team T Slab in 2:20:04. The overall winners were Jamie and Andrea in 2:04:09

Stats for the day:
Swim 750m: 18:57:5, 6th in Age group
T1: 2:10:07 2nd in age group
Bike 12-miles: 33:06.5, 3rd in age group
T2: 57:09, 3rd in age group
Run 5k: 30:53:8 12th in age group
Total time: 1:26:05, 8th out of 16 in age group, 206th out of 706 finishers!

Well pleased really. Had a quick talk with triathletebigo who sent the photos along, always good to see him; also managed a wave to anricat before the start, cheered on mizmizuno and forgot to introduce self to effendi, d'oh.

NEXT UP: Meet with Jamie Cleveland to discuss coaching, work out rest of season!
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