triman (triman) wrote,

Save Town Lake.... what from, the rain?

Am supposed to be going to a Save Town Lake bash tonight at Stubbs, hosted by Kinky Friedman and featuring Bob Schneider, Jimmy LaFave, Dale Watson, Stephen Bruton, Bob Livingston and Bill Oliver plus some special surprise guests apparently. Listen here to the dedication of the concert to Ladybird Johnson.

Its a great cause, buts whats with all this rain in Austin? I moved here from the UK via NY to get some warmth and so I could get out on my bike without worrying about the wet... bah humbug, more rain here than London.

Having said that, watching "le Tour" on the TV has been great, if only I could stay awake in the evening. Finally watched the end of yesterdays stage this morning, how good was that!
Tags: life
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