Save Town Lake.... what from, the rain?

Am supposed to be going to a Save Town Lake bash tonight at Stubbs, hosted by Kinky Friedman and featuring Bob Schneider, Jimmy LaFave, Dale Watson, Stephen Bruton, Bob Livingston and Bill Oliver plus some special surprise guests apparently. Listen here to the dedication of the concert to Ladybird Johnson.

Its a great cause, buts whats with all this rain in Austin? I moved here from the UK via NY to get some warmth and so I could get out on my bike without worrying about the wet... bah humbug, more rain here than London.

Having said that, watching "le Tour" on the TV has been great, if only I could stay awake in the evening. Finally watched the end of yesterdays stage this morning, how good was that!
More rain than London? you must be kidding, parts of the UK have been on flood alert! I was running today in torrential rain and nearly got struck by lightning so had to cut the session short and never made it out on the bike.

Good to hear you might make it over for Bedford, we will make sure its sunny for you!

I heard about that "bash" too
on KUT this morning but I'd already committed to going to "Wine Down Friday" at my local WineStyles store. $10 buffet dinner by Texas Land & Cattle and free wine.

I was all prepared to go the the AT brick workout tomorrow morning at ATC but it's postponed til 7/28?

Since I'm doing Marble Falls, I'll just do a short bike/run/swim in my neighborhood and call it good. No more rain. please. Until mid-October
Re: I heard about that "bash" too
well I didn't go, standing in the mud at Stubbs in the rain for 35 bucks just wasn't appealing.

shame about the cancellation of the brick session, I won't be around next w/e as I'm going back to the UK to see my Mum who isn't so well(Hi Mum see you soon).

Not sure what I'll do for training this w/e now, I think I'll probably go Sunday morning to Walter Long park and do the Longhorn half course, wanna come for a ride? I'm in no rush 1st time around.
I'll be riding out 71 tomorrow
Just got back from Marble Falls -- I went with 3 of the friends I convinced to do the race tomorrow! So, no Walter E. Long park excursion for me.
You gotta love TEVO - I tape the 8am show, and watch when I can, fast foward through all the's awesome. Just wish Verses was in HD....mmmmm.....HD.....