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Longhorn 1/2 Training ride(s)

I decided to go out yesterday and ride the Longhorn 1/2 distance bike course to see if I should enter the race. Although parts of the course are closed, the right off R290 onto Old Kimbro Rd is currently closed, you can take either of the next two rights to get back onto Littig and back on course with no major changes in difference.

The bike course is pretty good, Littig Rd is chip-top and has a few pot holes, but FM1704 is pretty decent black-top, has some fast sections and is rolling hills. The turn onto Blake Manor Rd is the toughest, coming off the back of some rolling hills at about 36-miles, it's a fairly hard 200ft drag uphill over 8-miles, doesn't seem a lot but is a hard start and was the only place I had to change into the small chain ring. The map above isn't the exact course, I took a wrong turn at the end of Littig and should have gone parallel to it on Upper Elgin River Rd, but it at least added in a gas station refuelling stop.

It took me 3:12 cycling time to cover the 56-miles, I was only taking it easy and was deliberately slow at a couple of points while looking at the cue sheet. An easy ride would probably be 3-hrs, race pace I'd like to think I could get somewhere near 2:40 but not just yet.

The second picture is the elevation map, again this will be slightly different as I went off course, but not too much! The marker is the turn from FM1704 onto Blake.

Once the whole course is open I'll redo the elevation and course maps and post in higher resolution.

Having done the bike course I set off for a run, but really didn't have the energy and really just did a short brick. However, what I learned from this is its a pretty fast bike course, no major hills, if the rain lets off the 1-loop run around Mansfield Park should be good being mostly off road.

So, I've decided to make this race an A-race for the second part of the season. I have much work it seems to be fit for it though, I slowed up at a couple of points on the bike, and was really way too tired to do the 12-mile run.

So, although I can't do it next weekend, and possibly the weekend afterwards, I'm going to start to do the bike course as a regular ride. Probably starting 11th of August I'm going to do it both Saturday and Sunday. Saturdays at race pace, or a as best I can, average 18MPH or above, Sundays as a recovery ride, easy, whatever pace feels good.

If anyone else is interested in coming along you'd be welcome. We can meet in the far back parking lot behind the new strip mall at the corner of Decker Lake Rd and Decker Lane(R3177), or alternatively just outside the park entrance or even in the park for bathroom access. Driving into the park costs $8 though. Their is no reason why we can't do a run session afterwards, in fact thats my plan. Starting at 7.00 to avoid the heat and any traffic on R3177/R290, we should be done by lunchtime.
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