triman (triman) wrote,

Sunday in England

so, I'm starting to wrap up on my short trip to the UK. Thanks to everyone who posted best wishes to my mum following my 'friends only' of the other day.

Mum is doing fine and gets the results of her scan on Wednesday and we should know then what's going on.

I'd forgotten what an Internet black hole it was here, I made an effort the other day to find a wi-fi hot spot. Of the five in town, three are run by the same ISP and while you could connect but not access any web sites, although their DNS seemed to be working fine. Eventually I went to the Wimpy and got online there, they charged me $4 for a diet pepsi, with no refill. I didn't have much time since they were closing at 5.30

The flooding in the UK was not only great, but very widely spread. Up in Nottingham on Thursday the roads were seriously flooded, down in Wiltshire later in the day after my speech, there were fields flooded and at one point near junction 9 on the M5, the traffic was all slowing down as they looked at the flooded buildings and roads.

Training for this trip has been ok, I managed to get a 2000m swim early Friday, yesterday I got in a a decent 38-mile ride from Trowbridge to Frome, to Warminster, Westbury by the White Horse, Steeple Ashton and finally back to Trowbridge. Afterwards I went for a 5k run which went reasonably well.

Am currently watching the of le Tour, planning a short run afterwards.

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