Tri Coaching options in Austin

so I've exchanged about 10-emails over 2-weeks with Jamie Cleveland about meeting up to discuss coaching for the LongHorn HIM and the Triathlon 101 3/4 IM a month later, and we have not even been able to meet. I guess he's really busy, I'm not optimistic, this is not the kind of relationship I want.

I know about T3, anyone got any other suggestions ? I mostly need run help but inconjunction with bike and swim.

'Tri this'
Stephan Schwarze

He completed 38+ Ironman, and I think 2 yeas ago, has the fastest run in the world as an amateur ,I think it was a 2:59 , same year when Al faris had a 2:57.
The guy is AWESOME!!
he completed 7 Ironmans last year, included Hawai
Lives right in the heart of Austin