It's Ride Time! Longhorn and ride to Jacks Generic

So, looks like I'm going to do the Longhorn HIM Bike course on Saturday, starting around 7am, at near Walter E Long Park in Austin. It will be race pace, or at least as fast as I can go, hopefully averaging around 18MPH. The ride will be slightly longer as I'll take a detour to a gas station to refuel around half way in Elgin. email me or comment if you want to come along.

Sunday I'm open to offers, since a few people expressed an interest in coming and doing the Longhorn ride as a recovery ride. This w/e also sees Jacks Generic triathlon out at the Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels. For my place thats a 42-mile ride, and if I want to see any of the race, it means starting no later than about 5:45am and at least a rear light is needed.

Anyone want to join me for either ride on Sunday? Anyone doing Jacks Generic ??
Have fun!
I didn't answer your earlier post, it's been crazy lately. I'm out of town this weekend, doing River Cities in Louisiana but if you're going again next Sunday I might join.
Not doing Jacks
this weekend is a fair bit of race simulation stuff for IMKY, so I'll probably need to ride alone - can't really draft :(
I'm doing Jack's. (I'm doing all Texas Tri Series races).
See you Sunday then, hopefully I'll get there before the run starts this time! Good luck!