triman (triman) wrote,

It's Ride Time! Longhorn and ride to Jacks Generic

So, looks like I'm going to do the Longhorn HIM Bike course on Saturday, starting around 7am, at near Walter E Long Park in Austin. It will be race pace, or at least as fast as I can go, hopefully averaging around 18MPH. The ride will be slightly longer as I'll take a detour to a gas station to refuel around half way in Elgin. email me or comment if you want to come along.

Sunday I'm open to offers, since a few people expressed an interest in coming and doing the Longhorn ride as a recovery ride. This w/e also sees Jacks Generic triathlon out at the Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels. For my place thats a 42-mile ride, and if I want to see any of the race, it means starting no later than about 5:45am and at least a rear light is needed.

Anyone want to join me for either ride on Sunday? Anyone doing Jacks Generic ??
Tags: training
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