When winning comes second and you lose touch with reality

Writing in todays Vancouver Sun, Gary Mason talks to current triathlon Olympic Champion Simon Whitfield. Simon, bless him, thinks everyone is living in tents.
When winning comes second

[Note: The original article has been withdrawn by the Vancouver Sun. Here are a number of other links to Simons sleeping habbits, the original was much funnier though!]
google whitfield sleeping in a tent!

[Note: You can still buy the original article from infomart.ca for 4.75 Canadian Dollars, infomart.ca]

When winning comes second
VICTORIA -- He's talking about his tent. The one he lives in. Or at least the one he sleeps in. And when Simon Whitfield first mentions it you think he's joking, or at least trying to make some ha,...
Byline: Gary Mason, Source: Vancouver Sun
Page: B2, Edition: Final
$4.75 - Vancouver Sun - Thu, Feb 12, 2004 - 2014 words
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