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Get down on it!

Well I didn't get started as early as I thought, but this mornings ride was much better. It's not an easy course, a few sections of road will have to get fixed before race day. If its not fixed by say the first week in September I'll take some pictures and send them to the organisers.

That said its a good course, mostly quiet roads except for the first part on 290. I did it as fast as I could and started to tire at about 43-miles after the climb on Blake Manor Rd. As I said when I first did the course, it's not a big hill, in fact their are three bigger climbs, it just comes at an awkward time and is a long drag. I hit my max HR for the day over the 5-miles that include that section and struggled after that.
3-hours and seven minutes isn't bad at all though. By race day I'd hope to be down to around 2:50, which would definitely put me over 18MPH avg. but no where near my HIMFL bike time where it was completely flat.

Struggled to run afterwards, mostly down to the heat and dehydration, I'll need to drink more on race day, but its hard to see how. Drink and food for today:

Weight before ride: 204lbs
Drink: 4x 750ml, 2x500ml, mixed water, carb and electrolyte drinks. Afterwards I had a 600ml fruit juice drink
Food: Breakfast large wrap with scrambled egg, peppers; also 2.5x Cliff bars, 2x Ice creams; lunch another wrap with turkey, cheese etc.
Weight afterwards: 199lbs

Which probably means I was 6-7lbs down after the bike. It's easy to say drink more, but I already feel bloated after a couple of hours. Hmm, need to think about this, but no cramps so that was good  
Tags: longhorn, training
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