Training like a triathlete - The Long Way Home

Well after a suitable rest, about 5:30 Sunday afternoon I set out to run my standard 6-miler. This year is the first in many when I have not trained for and run a 1/2 marathon early in the year. Numerous reasons for this, but it is what it is.

Back in July 1999 I convinced myself that if I could do the 3-legs of a sprint distance triathlon on consecutive days, I'd be alright on race day, and I was. A little over 3-weeks later I became a triathlete.

So Friday evening I went to Deep Eddy pool, knocked out 1.2-miles as best I could in a crowded lane, were we lapping, splitting or what? Still, 38-mins was a decent but not fast time. Saturday morning I did the Longhorn HIM bike course in 3:07, again not great but good enough.

Early Sunday I went to Stacy Pool to ease the legs, just did an easy 800m to get warmed up. So it was that Sunday afternoon I just wanted to get through 6.2, not 13.1 miles. Boy did I struggle, much worse than anything else I've done this year. It took me 1:21 to complete the distance. So with just 60-days to the race, I have a long way to go.

Despite having done reasonably well at dehydrating after Saturdays bike, I went our for the run at 199.5lbs. I took a 500ml bottle with me, drank that on the run out to Mohpac bridge, refilled with water there and drank that on the walk/shuffle/run back. Yep, it was 92 degree, yep, it felt like a hundred.

When I got on the scales back at home I was decimated to see my weight had dropped to 195lbs - I'd managed to sweat over 5.5lbs of water in under 90-minutes. I'm seriously going to have to recalculate my intake, but am struggling to see how to do it.

The upside is that this morning I still weighed 195lbs. Thats 88kg or in British, thats 13-stone, 13lbs or the lightest I've been since I was probably 16. Boy, do I need to hydrate today!

So it looks like Longhorn might be 6:30 time, and thats not good.
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Swam at White Pond last week and thought of you
There's not much action up here in Westchester and on the WCC tri listserve without you, Mark. Not that I've done anything to remedy that situation myself, as I didn't even register for a race this year. Just trying to keep up my personal training business and take clients out for bike rides as much as possible. Took a couple of riders up to White Pond and did a nice 25 mile loop in Putnam and Dutchess, with the idea of swimming in the lake keeping us motivated in the heat (not that it would feel that hot to you, now that you're a Texan.) I regret not signing up for any races this year, as it doesn't give me any excuses to go out for long rides or swims (you know I avoid the runs anyway). I'm coming down to Austin for the ACL music festival in September, planning on swimming in Barton Springs to cool off during the fest. Glad to see you're still racing. Keep in touch,
Re: Swam at White Pond last week and thought of you
Hey Eve, great to hear from you. I live a stones throw from Barton Springs and have tickets for ACL, so we should definitely hook-up for a swim, or something.

Theres an Aquabike HIM race at the LongHorn Triathlon just east of Austin the w/e of October, I'm currently hoping to get my running in order to do it as a full HIM, but if it doesn't work out. It's the weekend of October 6/7 and they are still taking entries. I have a full guest bed/bathroom you'd be welcome to. I'm pretty sure you can also still get into the Woodlands 3/4IM race aka 101, in November, so never too late to race ;-)

Seen anything of Jackie at all ??
One thing to remember on the hydration
Is that it takes our bodies about 2 weeks of being exposed to new conditions to become heat acclimatized - so give it a bit and you'll sweat less.

For my longer runs in the heat, I've been working in increasing my fluid increase - it may not feel pleasant to run with a belly full of water, but as long as you're staying at your maximum absorbtion rate, that's all you can hope for.
Re: One thing to remember on the hydration
Its sound advice. I know pretty much what my sweat rate is but how do you work out your absorption rate ?
No perfect answer
but especially on the run, it's a matter of trying to drink ~1L an hour and getting used to the sloshing / full belly feeling.

Whenever you're drinking and find your hands are swelling, you're either not getting enough salt or you're trying to take in too much water.