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Training like a triathlete - The Long Way Home

Well after a suitable rest, about 5:30 Sunday afternoon I set out to run my standard 6-miler. This year is the first in many when I have not trained for and run a 1/2 marathon early in the year. Numerous reasons for this, but it is what it is.

Back in July 1999 I convinced myself that if I could do the 3-legs of a sprint distance triathlon on consecutive days, I'd be alright on race day, and I was. A little over 3-weeks later I became a triathlete.

So Friday evening I went to Deep Eddy pool, knocked out 1.2-miles as best I could in a crowded lane, were we lapping, splitting or what? Still, 38-mins was a decent but not fast time. Saturday morning I did the Longhorn HIM bike course in 3:07, again not great but good enough.

Early Sunday I went to Stacy Pool to ease the legs, just did an easy 800m to get warmed up. So it was that Sunday afternoon I just wanted to get through 6.2, not 13.1 miles. Boy did I struggle, much worse than anything else I've done this year. It took me 1:21 to complete the distance. So with just 60-days to the race, I have a long way to go.

Despite having done reasonably well at dehydrating after Saturdays bike, I went our for the run at 199.5lbs. I took a 500ml bottle with me, drank that on the run out to Mohpac bridge, refilled with water there and drank that on the walk/shuffle/run back. Yep, it was 92 degree, yep, it felt like a hundred.

When I got on the scales back at home I was decimated to see my weight had dropped to 195lbs - I'd managed to sweat over 5.5lbs of water in under 90-minutes. I'm seriously going to have to recalculate my intake, but am struggling to see how to do it.

The upside is that this morning I still weighed 195lbs. Thats 88kg or in British, thats 13-stone, 13lbs or the lightest I've been since I was probably 16. Boy, do I need to hydrate today!

So it looks like Longhorn might be 6:30 time, and thats not good.
"I got here 'cos I always take thee long way home"
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