Upcoming Austin happenings

  • Friday 10th(tonight) sees the launch of the Progress Coffee Cycling Team 7:00PM @ Big Red Sun 1102 E. Cesar Chavez - might be interesting
  • Saturday 11th sees the start of the Rogue Running AT&T Marathon training programme, there is a whole series of things happening starting at 7.30am at Run Tex Riverside
  • Sunday 12th I'll be doing the Longhorn bike course again, 56-miles as fast as I can
  • Thursday 16th see "boys with long hair" - The Lonely H do a free instore gig at End of an Ear on South 1st.

OK, so my bike ride may not qualify as a happening, but I'm doing it ;-) - Be there or be square. I'll be the one without long hair at End of an Ear...
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