triman (triman) wrote,

Brake, down

Well that's the 4th time this year, must be a real problem.

I went to go out my race bike and the rear brake had seized solid. So 5-weeks after I got back from Sierra to the Sea, I unpacked my road bike to use that instead, bad news, same problem.

So another side effect of being a heavy sweater is rear brake rot. Not sure how to stop it, but it looks like I'm going to have tol strip the rear brake and clean weekly.

It also looks like the lugs on the frame are not doing so well, so I'm going to have strip them, repaint and then grease.

The good news here is that my terrible ride about a month ago out to New Braunfels was almost certainly caused by the brake issue. While I can remember stopping early in the ride, it never occurred to me that it would have stiffened up enough... But looking back and at my heart data, speed, and elevation, it makes perfect sense.

Anyone got any tips for stopping brake rot?
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