Wheely annoying

So I spent 30-mins in Bicycle Sports in North Austin last night while they fixed my rusted solid rear brake, it was completely stuck up. Still after that I set off home apace, nothing like the sun setting to make you cycle fast. I got home via Barnet and North Lamar in just 39:30, my best so far in terms of elapsed time for the ride, with the ride time at 33:32, that meant I averaged 26MPH between the lights! Why - oh - why don't I just stick to sprint races? It also meant I got stuck at just two lights, and a third that was just changing and I only had to slow before getting to it.

Anyway, up at 5:15am this morning, clean up, breakfast and its off on the bike to Barton Springs. I mused on twitter if that was too early to go open water swimming, even in Austin. I did 8-laps, which is about 2.20 miles and not only was it light by the time I'd finished 7 1/2 laps, but it was getting crowded. I was glad to get out.

I toweled off, put my Tri-Force cycling Jersey on, Garmin on, MP3 player on(yeah I know), Helmet and Glasses and set off for the office. I felt righteous as I cycled onto the Lamar bridge, picked up speed past Whole Foods and down towards 12th, zig-zagged between the traffic leading up to the light at 24th and ting....

I looked down and a spoke in my back wheel had gone AGAIN! Damn, thats 3x recently it has gone. I think the cycling gods are telling me to get a new wheel, the only question is which one. Sigh. But the Rolf Vector Pro's are 4.5yrs old and have seen better days, although they still look good without a complete re-spoke they just keep breaking.

NEXT UP: Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association meeting, tonight!
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yeah, sounds like you need to get that wheel rebuilt - unless the rims are starting to go you probably can just use the same wheels.
Re: Hmmm
I was told that Freewheelin on 24th have one of the best wheelbuilders in town, I'm going to get them to respoke and am looking at some interesting wheelsets on ebay. I just gotta get there before 6pm when they close...

My first reaction was to guy buy a Zipp 404 wheelset for this bike, I have a 606 set on my race bike, but its just too much money and I don't need that level of wheel. However, I know someone with a set of Mavic Cosmic Carbone and maybe I'll be able to get a pair off ebay... wheel see.
have you thought about a tri-spokes? You can be pretty heavy and ride those all the time.

Also, probably the most important is the spoke pattern on these wheels - if I was looking for a training wheel, I'd go with something with a 3 spoke weave and 36 spokes and be done with it - a mavic open 4 cd rim with the above pattern is pretty much bulletproof... and cheap.
Re: Hmm
Yeah, I thought about that, getting a dura-ace hub, Mavic open pro rim and lacing as you suggest. I'll see what the guts at Freewheelin say, the auction on the Mavic Carbones doesn't close until Friday evening... I've set an automatic bid response for what seems to be a good deal, if it doesn't win there are three other sets coming up...

I had two sets of X-REV Spinergy quad spoke carbon wheels, a 650 set on my first real Tri bike and a 700 set when I first built this bike, but I sold the 700 set when I got the Zipps and the 650 set went when the bike did.

Did you know that Nimble wheels are here in Austin? They are in South Austin off 290. I may take a drive out there if I don't get anything and have a look at their Horse Fly wheels...
fyi, Drew from J&A used to own a pair of Nimbles... admittedly, he's a bit smaller then either of us, but who knows, he might have some usual info on their wheels