I'm a 69! - Honest

I just did my walk score, I came out a 69. Personally I think it should be an 89 and they've clearly missed a few things. We only need another point to make 70 which puts me in a "very walkable" neighborhood.

On the other hand, I can see we probably lost some points, they list amongst known issues that in some places the weather doesn't lead being a good place to walk regularly. That much I can get, it rains more in Austin, and harder than it does in London! Really!!

The only reason I can put up with it, when it stops raining it's 90-degrees. Sweet.

What's your walk score?
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Nifty website!

I suppose the reason my Walk Score is a 37 is because I live in the woods. COme to think of it.. we don't even have decent shoulders round here for safe walking/biking. Perhaps that's why so many folks opt for Hummers?!
Yep, thats what its all about. Start saving the earth by living close enough to everything so you can walk. Of course its an ideal that we'd never stick too, and doesn't work in practise but its a great marketing angle.