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Wheel drama over

Well I looked in Freewheeling, Austin Cyclery, Jack and Adams and Bicycle Sports on South Lamar, and their choice of mid-range bike wheels was REALLY uninspiring. So I reverted to form and went shopping on ebay. I've bought two complete wheelsets.

The first wheelset are described as VUELTA Starlite ROAD BIKE WHEELSET, The Vuelta XRP patented wheel system features state of the art application technology incorporating leading edge engineering, product design and affordable product performance. XRP combines spoke design technology with advanced wheel assembly. 2 LEFT 2 RIGHT WORLD PATENT BY VUELTA S.p.A. VUELTA design engineers use traditional spoke heads for optimal strength and durability with the support of lightweight fast rolling wheelsets which offer the most affordable high performance wheel system on the market.

Apparently they are going to ship with FRONT AND REAR WHEELS WITH TWO ALLOY QUICK RELEASES plus MICHELIN 700 X 23C TIRES with Tubes and Rim Strips. So, thats a decent price even if the wheels are junk ;-)

I paid just $134+$20 for both wheels on a buy-it-now. It's hard to believe they'll be any good, but they look ok and at that price will make a great backup set and also for long slow rides. Who knows though, the might just be ok! They are coming from Plano, TX. You can see the wheels on their website, along with some other interesting prices.

These wheels that are a bit more my style, I spent a bit more and went for a set of nearly new Mavic Cosmic Carbone. They are a carbon fiber wheel with a good reputation for strength, I watched a couple of auctions close, a new set went for $1499 and a well used set for $860, so at $1100 on buy-it-now these were a good price for "nearly new". They were described as "The front is in great shape - only used for races. The rear is brand new...cassette mounted and ridden once! (I used a disc in the back)" and come with the original Mavic wheel bags, Mavic skewers, and a new (mounted once) Ultegra 9spd cassette!

So, thats it, I'm back in the wheel business, once everything has arrived, I'll survey them, try them out and decide what to do next.
Tags: cycling, gear, wheels
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