Out of gas

No this isn't another post about feeling tired before, during or after training.

Ever since I've been on assignment here in the US, August 2005, I've driven Hertz Rental cars. I no longer even own a car. This has its' advantages, no insurance, no servicing, no cost, no short term parking at the airport, just drop it off when you leave and pick another up when you return. It also has its' disadvantages. Mostly the vast array of cars, trucks and SUV's I've driven and having to claim the rentals on expenses, or rather not until I realize how much money I'm owed.

The real disadvantage though is just how different each car is. Some have MP3 capable CD players, some have multi-changers, some have satellite, some have AUX input for an MP3 player. One of the biggest differences is though where the gas cap is, and how you open it.

Kris taught me something that should have been obvious. If you look at the gas gage on the dashboard there is a little arrow next to the pump symbol, that shows which side of the car the gas cap is on. All you have to do then is find out how to open it.

Now, I do have to pay for my own gas and can't claim it on expenses. This has its downside too. On days when I know I'm going to return the car, you don't want to leave it full of gas, otherwise you are just giving the money away. So it was on the w/e that I was short on gas. I knew I was going to swap the car over today as its one of the worst I've had, a Mazda 6. I've had it for a month or so and it needs a wash and frankly I don't like it.

So at the weekend I put $15 worth of gas in which I figured would get me to the office a couple of times and then out to the airport, and it almost did. There I was cruising north on Mohpac this morning when I looked at the gas gage, it was past empty. I immediately took the next exit, drove through the neighborhood until I came out on North Lamar at 29th, the light was green, I turned right went up the slight incline and yes, the car cut out.

I shifted into neutral and glided along Lamar until 32nd, and there on the corner was a shell station. The car never quite made it onto the forecourt. I jumped out, started pushing but it wasn't going to make it. Just then a slight lady in her 50's, wearing loose fitting clothing and a floppy hat started pushing without asking, before I knew it 3-Hispanic American guys pulled up in their truck jumped out and started pushing, and a guy stopped his SUV and joined in. Before I knew it I was on the forecourt pumping gas and everyone had disappeared.

Two things.
1. I hate the Mazda 6, no alarm no buzzing just a little led light to warn of no fuel.
2. I LOVE AUSTIN People, I can't imagine the same thing happening elsewhere!

Good morning Austin, see you later, I won't be driving the Mazda 6
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Yay for Austin folks!!
They're so cool. I love them so!

*wonders what you'll be driving next*
that stinks
but it's nice that people will actually help out when help is needed.