Impressed, Not Impressed

IMPRESSED: Well the Vuelta wheels showed up. They are a bargain. They are a heavy 2x cross, bladed spoke, road wheel. They seem well made, arrived in perfect condition with wheels, tubes+Michelin 700/23c tyres fitted, with spare spokes and quick release skewers in the box. I'll fit my rear group over the weekend and give them a try next week. However at this price, for a set of everyday training wheels, or a set of winter ride wheels they were a bargain.

They came from Bike Island in Plano Texas and were $154 a PAIR including postage. See the link in this post if you are interested.

NOT IMPRESSED: So, I dropped the Mazda 6 off at Bergstrom airport this afternoon, came back 30-mins later and collected the new car. Now, we get our cars, especially the multi-month rentals at a bargain price, so I guess I'm not really complaining. But they gave me a Hyundai Azera. Please its almost the same car as the Mazda 6, twins separated at birth? It's even red.

There is part of me that wants to think that someone from Hertz read my prior blog entry and assigned this car especially. However, I don't think that really, honest, its great not having to worry about car payments, breakdowns, new tyres etc. If you see a slightly unimpressed guy driving around town alone in a red Hyundai Azera, smile I'm can't be the only one!

UPDATE: Actually I went out to the car last night and noticed the Nissan badge on the front, its actually an Altima, same comments apply though, triplets separated at birth. Starting to long for my own car
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