WAXPLOITATION at Victory Grill

Picture by David Weaver on Austin360.com

For the record, I had a great night out at the Victory Grill in East Austin last Friday(8/17). The evening was a fund raiser and birthday party for the Victory Grill, according to David over at the Statesman A-listers, "The Victory Grill opened on 1945 and became a favorite hangout for musicians. B.B. King, Bobby Blue Bland, W.C. Clark and others got their start at the Victory".

The Waxploitation DJ's were supposed to be playing 60's, 70's and 80's soul and Funk, while I was there it was pretty much all 60's music and surprisingly, there wasn't much I'd heard before. The music and atmosphere, not mention the heat and the energy reminded me of the Motown nights at the Wigan Casino back in 1975, 1976. It was great.

I hung out for 2-hours with the Kitty City crew(se pictures 6,12,14) who were having a great time, by midnight-thirty I was soaked through with sweat and realised that I've got to adopt a different dress code if I want to survive and enjoy nights like this. See above, top right, thats me in a black shirt right at the back!)

David also says that the Victory Grill is one of the few bars on the US National Register of historic places and they are about to re-open the grill/restaurant part. It's a neat part of town, one less traveled, put it in your diary!

The Statesman A-list Waxploitation slide show

The Victory Grill, 1104 E. 11th, Austin 78702; Tel: 804-1944 Map|Website
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