A-race cancelled - No Woodlands

Oh well, its not been a good day today, I woke up to an email from pro athlete Darren Treadaway in the UK that the Woodlands Triathlon One o One series finale had been canceled. Yesterday I wrote this op-ed, news piece for Triathletes-uk aka tri247 that speculated this would be the result, and a shame at that.

The reality is that my running really hasn't been coming along as much as I'd like and at this point I'd have raced, but wasn't looking forward to it. In my piece for Tri247 I quipped that the 101 organisers hadn't got the hang of the Internet/web yet as although their website looked impressive it was full of out of date information etc. Which is a shame.

So based on Darrens email, which I assume was promoted by the tri247 update on my piece, I went looking at the 101 website. Here are two pages for the Woodlands finale, http://www.thewoodlandstri.com/ and http://www.trioneoone.com/race.asp?content=woodlands and as of 9:20 Central time(aka Woodlands time) both pages show the race is still on. It's only on the main race series page does it say the race has been canceled, or more correctly that all 101 races have been canceled. http://www.trioneoone.com/

Which means Longhorn becomes my A-race, which is a little scary as its only 6-weeks away. I need to decide if I should do a shorter race before then as a tune-up, which is almost funny becuase only yesterday did I register as a volunteer for both the Austin Triathletes Dilloman and the Austin Triathlon, both of which would be good races. Hmm thinking hat on.

Love to Mum!!!!
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wondered what your comments about that would be
The "other Mark C" posted on the TxI forum about the 101 being canceled. I'm sorry about that! the CapTex was supposed to be my "A" race so I know how you feel (or at least a portion thereof, since Olympic does not equal 101). Come do Austin Tri with us! I'm volunteering AND participating in that one. I'm planning on volunteering at the Longhorn HIM, and I bet you'll do fine.
Re: wondered what your comments about that would be
Thanks, but I think I'll stick with the Longhorn. My Pro buddy that was coming over from the UK to race at the 101 is looking at other races, we may go do the MiamiMan which is the only triathlon in something like 45, I've ever DNF'd at. There are some other late seasons halfs as well.

If I don't see you before, see you at the Austin Triathlon. If on the other hand you have a run longer than 10k scheduled anytime soon let me know, I;d like to come along, I need someone to help me keep going!