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It's the pack mentality

This weeks RoadBikeRider newsletter talked about the therapy of a loan ride. How after 15-mins or so you start talking to yourself, a little later you are solving work problems, later still relationship and family issues and on the way back in, to keep the effort up you are your own drill sargent. Yep, been there, in some cases all in one ride, sometimes just one problem per ride.

As much as lone rides can be good therapy, packs rides can be fun. After the weekends crash and burn I've been taking it easy this week. This afternoon the shipping dept. called they had a package for me, did I want to collect otherwise they'd bring it over in the morning. Its been a great day here in NY so I thought I'd walk over. 15-mins and a brisk walk later I was there, I announced my presence and they said "ahh you are the famous one..." - what they meant was my whole life passes through the shipping dept. clothes, bike stuff and from time to time even my bike.

This time it was my replacement helmet, a Bell Phi Pro, a great replacement for the Bell Alchera that bust. Performance Bike currently have the '02 version of the helmet plus 2-day shipping at half price the original helmet alone! Anyway, having collected the helmet and got back to the office with a spring in my step and decided it was time. I looked at the schedule for the gym, and yes there was a spin class at 6.00pm.

When I arrived at 5.45pm the class was almost full and the sign-up list was full. I waited and class started with two bikes spare, I jumped on a spare and couple of minutes and some alterations later I was spinning with the best of them. I can't put my finger on it, was it the music, the instructor, or the fact the class was full that made it such fun... after 45-mins of hard work we were into the 8-minute re-mix of Billy Idols White wedding... things just got harder, spinning faster, people were whooping, the instructor was pushing us on. After a 10-minute warm down it was over, and despite the layoff I'd had a geat time.

What was it ? I'd always admired big fast pack riding, but there is little time for talk, riding alone gives you plenty of time to talk even if its' only in your head, a spin class with a steady warm up, a hard and varied ride and a room full of people going at their speed was the best. It's the pack mentality.

It’s a nice day to start again...
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