Coming good

Not this isn't a porn reference. This morning I went and did the Longhorn bike course, and having decided not to run afterwards, I could go "-balls out". I had a great ride and couldn't believe how quick I got to the gas station in Elgin to refuel. I left there and kept pushing on. It was only at the 45-mile mark that I couldn't respond to the slope ahead, I still managed to hit 27MPH on the road back into Walter E Long Park.

Stunningly thats an average of 20.63MPH for the 56-miles and only 3-mins outside my HIM FL bike time last year, which was a PB. The longhorn course is much tougher. Surprisingly I felt good afterwards and could have run at least a few miles.

NEXT UP: 9-mile run early Sunday morning.
But it really is porn.. just a different kind.
Race Statistics Porn
Yes, considering everything, I am a stats junkie... thats just obsessive compulsive though, not porn.
great job!
you were shooting for 18mph average, right? you beat that, and then some!
Re: great job!
I wanted to keep my hard rides over 18mph. my bike computer is playing up since fitting the new wheels and although I was wearing the Garmin on my wrist for hrm etc. I couldnt really see what speed I was doing.

this probably would be a good race strategy though as most likely id blow out by going too hard on the bike. we'll see. next week i'll take running shoes with a view of running if I can.