I love the feel of new running shoes in the morning

Forgive me for I have sinned. Last year I never changed my running shoes. Lots of reasons, but they've been well over due for replacement. I've even had a new pair of Saucony Grid Hurricane 8 in the cupboard, but I really didn't want to put the old orthotics in them.

I've also been searching for a reason why my running hasn't gone well lately. In mileage terms the last month has been my most this year, but I've still struggled around a 10k. With only 6-weeks to go, I've got to do double that at the Longhorn, and with the cancellation of the Woodlands 101 race, that meant all that was left was the Longhorn.

So this morning I broke out the new shoes, laced them with elastic laces, put my normal walking shoe orthotic in on top of the normal innersoles. Whether it was really the shoes or the heat, this morning early I managed to get around 10k in just over the hour 1:05. Thats not a seasons best, but close enough that I'll take it.
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...there are good reasons to think that (in young, light people at least) that a beat up old pair of racing flats with single density soles are the best solution.

Many of the athletic shoe companies are driven by marketing first.
well that excludes me then, at 200lbs and 49.5 I don't qualify on either count. I need the support from a decent pair of shoes.

are you racing again this year? we are thinking about going to the Bahamas for the HIM race.. now Woodlands was cancelled. searching for a longish race...
Evolutionary biology - shoes appear to be addictive. I haven't looked at any of the peer reviewed stuff in a few years, and it may be applicable to older dudes as well - although I was primarily interested in my own high rate of injury in my teen years when I was wearing increasingly fancy/expensive/new shoes.

I'm racing IMH and that's it. Probably going to shift priorities from racing to money/women since I have a few years before my athletic performance biological imperative sets in and have a lot of years of tax-free compounding and an in-depth knowledge and access to a lot of absolute return funds, so now's the time to start banking. Also, I'm Mr. Jones.

I'll be in St. Pete from the afternoon of October 6 till early October 9th if you'll be in the area.

Not a long race, but the Escape to Bermuda is in late October and should be a pretty cool race - also have easy qualifying slots for the Escape from Alcatraz.
Nah, sadly probably no more St Pete for me, I've split with Kris, although I may go back for a race from time to time but now I'm in Austin I have no need to escape from the cold!

D'oh, I'd forgot you were doing IMH... how dumb of me!