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This American Life - breaking up

Bev encouraged me to listen to this American life, she said I'd enjoy it. Ironic then that I'd never listened to it until today.

I got home from my run and sat out on the front porch, I had my MP3 player with me and put NPR on. By coincidence, they were just starting, and Ira Glass's voice was just warming up. Ironic, why?

Well filleardente  , Bev, had just come out the water in 1:46 at her 2nd attempt at Ironman Canada. I listened to the show, it was about breakups and divorce. I was left wondering why it is only women can talk about these things?. I should know, why is it only they can put things into context?

Asides from Ira and other staff guys, the only guy on the program was Phil Collins. Ironic again, since I'd once been mistaken for Phil on an American Airlines flight. Anyone that has seen us both wouldn't be confused, I'm over 6-inches taller, but yes, I'm losing(lost?) my hair, close enough to his age and I was sitting in First Class. I signed 'regards Phil xx' and one lady left a happy girl.

Phil was talking about writing break-up songs. Starlee, the woman interviewing him wanted to know how to write a great break-up song, perhaps it would help her get over being dumped? The other star of the show was an 8yr old girl who wanted to know why her parents were divorcing. Even at eight she was eloquent beyond her years, she'd been interviewed by NPR, twenty years ago, she was interviewed again, at one stage she was asked what she'd say to an 8yr old now whose parents was divorcing, there was a long pause, you could almost hear the tears.

While the 8yr old talked, I sat on the porch and sobbed quietly.

take a look at me now... and another lady didn't leave a happy girl. Sorry.


This American Life - Breakups(available free until Sept 1st)

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