Saving the planet, one shave at a time

I can't remember which race, possibly the Couples triathlon, but in the race(goody) bag I got a very small sachet of shaving oil. I remember from my late teens, when I decided to shave off my first real full beard. Not only was it a messy job, but it left my chin feeling not so good. One of the guys I worked with at the time told me to go get a shave at an old barbers in South Watford. After a hot towel induction, he put oil on my chin, left if for a couple of mins and came back and gave me the best shave ever and my skin felt fantastic afterwards that was back in the 70's and too expensive to repeat then.

A couple of weeks ago I tried the sample sachet, it gave a smooth shave and felt good, while giving a close shave. So I set off the other day to get my grocery's at the HEB on South Congress/Oltorf. Having got the usual stuff I perused the personal items shevles, and then down in the organic and health food section I found just what I needed. Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Natural Skin Care Oil, Sweet Almond.

It was a 4oz bottle for just $5.99. A few drops is more than enough for a nice clean shave, my skin feels great afterwards. Why saving the planet? Well it comes in a recyclable plastic bottle, I assume is environmental sustainable since its from Almond kernal oils, will last for possibly a year or more. The common alternative is a heavily chemical based shaving cream in a metal pressurized container.

For those that swim in a chlorinated pool, and for leg shaving this would be a dream, for me, my chin feels great! It acts as emollient, and will soften,sooth and re-condition dried out skin. It will relieve the itching that comes with dried skin and would make a fabulous massage oil.
I really like the Kiss My Face shave lotion from Whole Foods (also in plastic and also a somewhat "natural" type alternative). It's more of a traditional type soapy configuration. Roger does like those little sachets of oil, however and one race packet recently we had gobs of those things (Jack's Generic, I think) and he's slowly going through them. I didn't feel like, for my legs, it was enough for me. For my armpits, forget it.

I need laser hair removal. I wish it weren't so pricey!
>>I need laser hair removal. I wish it weren't so pricey!

Time is coming for my annual back wax... don't mention laser!

Too be honest for the last year or so I've been using handsoap to shave with and it came in a plastic bottle too, and before that used Bodyshop Shave Cream in a plastic tub, I even wrote the how to use notes printed on the wrapper, but its way expensive and leaves a mess on the sink.

Although I'm happy to buy two sets of wheels in a week, I hate wasting money and at $5.99 the Almond Oil is a winner! I'll try it on my legs at the weekend and post if I have any problems...
Nice! I just might have to check that out.
I tried this earthy shaving oil before and loved it. I don't know why I didn't stick with it....
don't forget, you need to wash with warm water first and then let the oil soak in... its not just splash and dash... usually by the time I've finished rubbing in the one side, it's ready to shave on the other!
nice to know that!
I worked the packet stuffing at Jack's generic and they told us "put a bunch of those in the bags, we're trying to get rid of it" I also really liked it after trying what came in the Couples packet, so I took a few packets for myself. Now I know what to try when the samples run out ;-)