Austin Happenings: Something for the w/e

One of my regular readers asked me the other day why I'd started posting these? Well mostly because the act of typing makes it much more likely that I'll actually remember what I've said I'll do, and hence commit to it. It would always be good to see someone along as well.

This weeks delectations are:

Friday: 4-mile run down south 1st and round Town Lake if I get out of here in a minute
Saturday: Swim session somewhere, will probably try for a shared lane at Deep Eddy around 11am
Saturday evening: Can't make my mind up, it's between Cheryl Bliss at Cafe Caffeine on W Mary starting 9pm, or '07 xemumba at 1300 E 4th - given I'm cycling Sunday, probably Cheryl Bliss.
Sunday 7am: Race pace ride of Longhorn Half course followed by 3-mile brick session
Monday: Volunteer at the Austin Triathlon starting at 4.30am - I'm on the transition crew and finish line.

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I'm tempted
to join you for the ride tomorrow, but I'm going to play nice to myself and give myself one more week off from hard efforts on the bike - well, that's the plan anyhow :)
Re: I'm tempted
well if you change your mind txt me on 964 6916 and I'll make sure I'm there on time.

Are you racing Longhorn?