August Training Summary

Swimming: 7.5-miles,
Running: 40.07-miles, 7:25:59
Cycling: 220.16-miles, 12:40:51, 17.4 AMPH

thats my highest mileage swimming and running month for this year, I'm having some minor knee discomfort but so far no ankle problems when running.

Cycling is also my highest training month, but June was 567-miles because of the bike tour. In fact I lost some miles in there somewhere for June.

Overall I'm getting where I'd hoped to be in June. Don't swim enough, longest run of the year was today at 7-miles, but my bike is fine. I have just 1-month before the Longhorn half which has become my A-race for this year with the cancellation of the Woodlands 101 race. I'm going to have a hard time beating my HIM pb but will be doing my best. Hopefully by late September I'll be up to 12-mile runs but I suspect I should figure some walking into the Longhorn run course.