triman (triman) wrote,

Bliss at café caffeine

IMAGE_010.jpgIt must be tough sometimes being a musician. I arrived about five after nine, it pretty much looked like it had been canceled, just a few people standing around outside.

I went in anyway, stared at the refrigerated drinks cabinet and a red haired woman came up and helped herself to an ice tea. She asked was I looking for something? Crème soda I said.

She said she didn't work there but would get Mike. He came in, I paid and the redhead sat down at the keyboard and started to play.

Can't place the voice, maybe it will come to me later. Good songs, very accomplished songs, discrete electric piano. After about the 4th song three others came in. Meant I didn't feel so bad about applauding along with Mike and Cheryls roadies...

About 6-songs into the set she did a version of Elton Johns Rocket Man, best set of the night, stronger vocals, distinct piano. Nice. Turns out that the roadies were in fact her husband and brother in-law. The brother in law joined here for two songs. The first was the last, or was supposed to be. They finished and Cheryl walked up to tak to one of the other guys in Cafe Caffeine, he said "what, no encore?" - there's no pleasing some people, even when its free. They did one more number, possibly the best of the night, Cheryls husband(?) took the keyboards, the brother in-law played guitar and Cheryl sang.

Tags: austin, live, music
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