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It's me or the wasps

I can't work out who is the more stupid, me or the wasps/horents that have been trying to create a nest just outside my back door. Here is how it has gone.

1. I first noticed about 8-days ago that on the overhang at the rear entrance to my house there was a passing effort at a waps nest. The nest was attracting quite a few wasps. I waited until the middle of the day and then with a 10ft long piece of wood inside the house, and a number of paper bags on the ground beneath the nest, I opened the back door slightly, poked out the stick and poked the nest to the ground.  It fell into one of the bags, I left it for about 15-mins, went outside grabbed the bag, closed it and put it in the trash can.

2. Next day I noticed the wasps were back trying to create a new nest a bit further away from the house and on the wrong side of the overhang for me to get them with the stick. So, in the early evening I hit on it, I put a small straw on the WD40, went near the nest and sparyed it. Sure enough it made the wasps mad as hell and one of them stung me on the back of my neck. Game over for that nest though, it went a strange black colour.

3. To my surprise about 2-days later they were back and created the start of another nest. Hell I wasn't going to get stung this time, and bought some total kill wasp and hornet spray, kills on contact is what it said. It also said it sprayed from 25ft. So where to do it from ? Ahh yes, I didn't get where I am today without being able to outsmart some dumb wasps. So, I get in the car with the window closed, pull up parallel with the wasps, open the drivers window slightly and pssssssssttttt. I shut the window and drive off, when I came back 4-hours later no sign of the wasps, job done.

I guess I'm only glad I don't know where to buy a flame thrower, I'd have burnt my house down by now!
Tags: austin, life, waps
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