One of the best things about working in triathlons is you get to see the best bits of kit all in one place, working transition this morning at the Austin triathlon I got to see around a 1000 bikes.

Of those the one that impressed me most was the Quintana Roo Caliente. It's a good looking frame, aero, and has internal cable routing which is what I need after this years problems with the brakes and sweat. Have to see how the finances go though, perhaps next year I'll get one of these though.

As for other observations from working in transition, I'll write these up and post in Trigeeks later, some of the things are hard to believe! [Here is the post]
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I love the Caliente
I just bought the QR Caliente, rode it in Austin Triathlon and I suck at running and I ran the 10K six minutes faster than I ever have. My bike split was about 2 min. faster, but I attribute the run to reduced effort on the bike.


Hope you can get one.