Jane Tomlinson, MBE, CBE dies from Cancer

My eldest daughter, Eloise, sent me an email over night to let me know that Jame Tomlinson had died after a 7-year battle with cancer.

Back in 2004 I was part of Janes race support crew when she took on IM Florida. My abiding memory of this tiny woman, with terminal breast cancer, was how cold she was as she crossed the finish line. I was one of the "catchers". She was freezing cold. Within 90-seconds or so she was in front of numerous TV cameras talking about what she could do to raise money and awareness for others less fortunate.

Sadly, during Janes ride across America last year, a whole sub culture of bafoons started to doubt she had cancer at all. After all, even mere mortals couldn't have been expected to cycle from Rome to London, compete in marathons, 2x Ironman races, let alone ride across America. I suspect those same people are doubting she is dead, or possibly that she even lived. She did.

She lived a life, however short, dedicated to achieving things many of us can only dream of. Heres' to Jane! Celebrate her life, she did so much, touched so many!

Wait for Jane by Steven O'Reilly and performed by Tammany Hall NYC
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ps. This is a friends only post and I'd appreciate if you could keep it that way, as well as comments. My Mum received her diagnosis last week that she has lung cancer. [Updated: 3/09 Mum looks to be clear now and so I've declassified this post.]
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Not so much unfair, as indiscriminate.

Because of her cancer, and the type of person she was, in some ways cancer couldn't have found a more worthy foe. Jane stepped up to the challenge and more than ably took it on.
For all that was, is, and will be..
I send to you hope and compassion.
Another great loss. I'm sorry you've lost a friend and about your mum too. Let's talk soon.
thanks for all your efforts to support TNT and the athletes, Jane would be proud of you, TNT doesn't exist in the UK.

Mum is ok, not in a lot of pain but its inoperable. we are waiting for the treatment schedule before deciding what next.

i'll drop you an email once I know and maybe we can talk then. thanks for the offer.
Ouch, I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. LJ friends are sharing quite a bit of heavy and sad news today. :(