Darren Treadaway overall winner at the Big Woody

and yes, for my US readers, thats the race name for an IM Distance race in the UK this past weekend.

Darren has posted his race report here, next up he's coming to stay with me and have a crack at the Longhorn half distance race! Should be a great sight to see and he is a sweet runner. Shame then I'll be at least an hour behind and since the run course is a single lap, won't see him!
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Oh great
a picture of Darren getting congratulated on a big woody ... just wrong on so many levels. No wonder people think triathletes are gay :P
Re: Oh great
yeah not to mention spencers outfit in the picture. don't worry about the gay thing, its just how rednecks, lard boys and estranged wives deal with guys who wear tight lyrca, look good in it and are away from home a lot...
Re: Oh great
yes from The Big Woody to the Longhorn! doesnt do much for the credability of our sport does it? You should see the finishers T-shirts! not to mention the ones from The Beaver last year, who thinks up these names!