Longhorn course ride - Saturday 8th, 7.15 start

I met Mark Enstone after the Austin Triathlon Monday, we talked about doing the Longhorn half IM distance bike course this Saturday. It has to be Saturday because we are both volunteering at the Dilloman race Sunday.

Here are the details, arrive at 7.00am for a 7.15am start. You'll need enough fluids to do at least 25-miles, there are no stores or gas stations once you get off 290 after about 7-miles, until you get out near Elgin where we will take a short detour to a gas station that has food, drinks and bathrooms. Then there is nothing until we get back to the start, and no real scope for a detour. So thats a 55-mile ride, around 3-hours, just the one stop.

Any one else is welcome to come along this week, we'll go at your pace. If no one else shows, then it will be race pace Mark, mine, not yours ;-) The total ride is 55-miles.

Here is a Google maps link with directions, parking lot at the back of the strip mall on Decker Lane/Decker Lake Rd.

or Google Earth with this link:

Any problems call or txt me via LJTXT with your name and number and I'll txt you back. I have some ride maps, minus the detour which is pretty straightforward! ++Mark.

Mark and I are planning to run afterwards, nothing too challenging or too long. Back along Decker Lake Rd to the Park entrance, and then along the park loop back to Decker Lake Rd. I guess since entrance to the park by foot is free, you could always go run the course, or at least the 5k used for the triathlons up there already this year.
I'll try and keep up ...
... or maybe I'll try and catch you on the 30-45 min run off the bike afterwards ;-)
Re: I'll try and keep up ...
Err I meant you'll have to slow down to ride my pace... based on our last ride together!

I'll update the description to add the run, theres an easy ish loop back to the park entrance...
oh eck. I really want to go, but I don' t want to feel like I'm slowing y'all down.
Are you racing Longhorn Half?

If yes and you can "convince" effendi to come along, he can ride with Mark and I'll happily go to the next turn and comeback for you, if needed. What speed to you think you can average on 55miles?

If no, then I guess theres no rush. Next weekend is ACL, I'll almost certainly only go out on Saturday again and the weekend after I'm probably going to go down to Galveston for the w/e, then there is only one more w/e and my Pro IM winning buddy is coming over so that will be a fast ride on the Saturday probably, or an easy ride on the Sunday... so my plan to try to get a few people out never really worked. Oh well...
I'm singing the national anthem at Dilloman that morning (the off-road Dilloman). We're going to go ride the course on Sunday (in the evening because I'm singing at the Dilloman Sunday morning too).
Wow, looking forward to Sunday.

I have to say, for all the knocking America takes, I do admire your support for your nation. Singing the national anthem at British Triathlon is unheard of. While not American and unlikely to ever be, I always stand to attention, and remove my cap as a mark of respect to the others present.

Great stuff! See you Sunday, I'll be the guy in transition with his head in his hands at the rooky mistakes many are making, but peeking out through his fingers hoping to see some spontaneous nudity ;-)
Oh, by the way, if you want to do a refuelling stop on the ride, when you are supposed to turn right from Littig onto Upper Elgin River Rd, turn left on what becomes Central, follow to 290 and merge onto it.

Keep on 290 which has a wide shoulder to the junction of 95. There is a gas station on the east side of 95. Once done there, cross over 95, go up VFW Rd/CR51 and turn left on 1704.

You'll miss a short part of the course that zigzags around from Upper Elgin River Rd until it comes out on 1704 at Younds Prarie Rd/CR73 but its not worth worrying about, just blast straight down 1704 until it comes to 969.
Re: Good ride
Yes, same time, same place next week ? I can't do Sunday next week, so Saturday it is for me.
I'll let you know as we get closer to the weekend, but that probably works for me.