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Quickie #1 - Jane Tomlinson

Anyone who saw the TV Coverage of last years IMH will have seen the piece on John Blais. He competed at IMH in 2005 with ALS, by IMH 2006 he was unable to walk, and earlier this year, the "Blazeman" died. It was a touching piece and a lot of fellow triathletes and IMH competitors have been inspired to follow his lead. The Blazeman video is on YouTube here.

I know that at one point Jane had wanted to take part in IMH, but couldn't get things sorted out. IMFL was a 2nd best and her way to prove she could do this distance. Given IMH is just over two months away, I actually think it would be a fitting tribute to Jane if they covered her.

It would get her, and her charitable efforts the coverage in the US they so rightly deserve and didn't get, even following her epic ride across America.

Anyone got any contacts for NA Sports ?

Finally on Jane, this article on Jane in the Guardian UK is the best of the best covering Jane's Life and Contributions. I've had a few emails asking if I was ok. I didn't know Jane or Mike in any sense of the word, it is a shame she died, but it was great that she lived, she really lived!
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