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Nothing interesting, just rambling on

So, next time I book a massage, I should do it after a hard weekend, not before it. So the weekend started with an early morning massage at Advanced Rehab, stretched out the ITB's and as I sprung up the stairs at the office later, I felt pretty good.

Starturday morning was an early start, see this entry by mizmizuno  . The stats for the ride were interesting, they went like this.
Out: 28.04-miles, time 1:55:07
Back: 28:71-miles, time 1:30:04

My best time for the entire course is 2:43:03. Today though it was a social ride to the rest stop/gas station in Elgin. After we got back on route, Mark and I pushed off at race pace for the rest of the return trip. When we got back we went for a short run, I did just shy of 3-miles back to the park and back, Mark though who passed me after about 3/4-mile went on and did the big hill near the end of the bike course.

If Mark can hold it together on race day, as a 1st year triathlete he has a real chance to Top-10 in his age group, which is thankfully, two below mine! Just as I was coming back in on the run, and walking, the rest of the start group went by. So we put maybe 25-mins into them on the return.

After that it was home, lunch and a complete job on the lawn, including edging. I showered and walked up to End of an Ear for the 6pm Saturday band. I have to say, I have no idea who they were, but they were loud, and just a noise. I'm not convinced they were as young as they were pretending to be either, looked to me like two of the guys had wigs on. Left (well) before the end.

Dilloman Sunday - Up at 4.30 and left by 5:20 for what has to be one of my longest drives out of Austin. Not entirely sure I'd find Pace Bend Park. Sure enough though, as I approached the turn off 71,  it was easy enough just to follow the trucks with bikes. When I got there, everything was underway by flashlight, I don't think I'd been so unprepared in a longtime.

Not only didn't I have a flashlight, but after standing around at the entrance to transition for about an hour, I could feel the bugs bighting.  effendi   came to the rescue though. I though the rest of the Dilloman went off in a very casual and relaxed way.  A pretty good number of competitors, but nothing too frantic. anricat   did a fantastic rendition of the National Anthem.

At the food afterwards they had some yummee Whole Foods Pro bars... it was only after I eat the first one and started the second, and looked at the wrapper, a massive 49g of carbo, almost all of which was sugars. Still chucked a few more in the cooler box, grabbed my chair and sat and watched the results, and then the sugar rush wore off, and I bonked. I was almost asleep when I decided to leave.

When I got home I went back to bed for 2-hours, when I got up I talked to a few different people on the phone and then put on my stuff, ran to Deep Eddy pool, swim for an hour and ran back. After that it was dinner, watch the start of "Alive Day" on HBO, but it was too sad. See it mojojoey   ?

I'm exhausted, I need a massage.
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I'm racing my new A race - Florida Challenge (Half) on Oct. 2o - Suncoast is a week season officially ends on the 20th. Even Sand Key sprint on Sep 23rd is like $75 and it takes my focus away from long distance. I'll probalby go and either volunteer at that one or spectate...Excel Man is scheduled to do it. Looks like it will be next year until we race again...sorry. Bigun
Re: suncoast
Oh well... The Florida half is too close to the Longhorn half which has become my A-race... I may come and do Suncoast anyway. I'd have like to have comeback and done Sandkey to defend my Clydesdale title from last year, but I'm going to the UK to see my parents, the 23rd is my birthday and I'd like to be with them!

Good luck at the Florida Half.
Good for you
I was glad to see you'd found Pace Bend Park -- this was my fourth year to volunteer at Dilloman and every time they have us park somewhere different. The bugs were flyin at our flashlights too but I didn't stand in one place too long. hm.. I grabbed one of those pro bars also but haven't eaten it yet. Unlike many of us, I did not nap. I went home and did a complete job on my lawn and this time it's my turn to have weed eater battle scars! hope they heal up before Burnet on Sunday!